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Integrity Tree Solutions Inc.

Integrity Tree Solutions Inc. was founded in August 2018 after overwhelming feedback from clients requesting additional services beyond just mortgages.  The vision was to deliver other complimentary services to clients with the same level of professionalism and integrity that had been provided to them during their mortgage process.  Integrity Tree Solutions Inc. is the parent company to three different divisions that are all complimentary to each other – Mortgages, Accounting and Small Loans.  Other future divisions are currently under consideration or development as well.

The Integrity Tree story

The “Integrity Tree” represents growth and is a symbol of strength.  It originated from the expression, “Seeds of honesty, grow into a tree of integrity.”  Furthermore, it has deep roots and the Maple Leaf representing a strong Canadian Heritage.  Integrity is the basis of all we do and represents all that we expect in the relationships we develop. Integrity in itself is defined as: Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. Which is in line with our philosophy.

Integrity Mortgage Solutions

Before there was Integrity Tree or an accounting division or a small loans division, there was Integrity Mortgage Solutions Inc. This was a reincarnation of the original team of mortgage agents under the brand “The Integrity Professionals Inc”. After 4 years as a team, the decision was made to take the next natural step and open a mortgage brokerage where we could continue to grow and develop further. With a core belief system of operating with Integrity and providing “second to none” levels of service, in December 2017 Integrity Mortgage Solutions Inc. (License 12963) was born. Servicing clients in all aspects of secured financing whether residential or commercial, we focus on what’s best for the client at all times.

Integrity Accounting Solutions

Often during the mortgage process, clients requested an accounting referral, based on their lack of satisfaction with their current accountant or accounting provider. After many years of hearing the same request, it was a simple decision as to what the first division would be. What was important was to deliver the same level of consistency and service in providing accounting solutions where there was transparency and managed expectations. Jay Ibrahim – Director of Accounting, was the perfect fit to be able to provide the level of service expected by our client base. Integrity Accounting Solutions Inc. was created to provide a wide variety of solutions that focus on you the client with all of your accounting needs.

Integrity Tree Financial Solutions

With mortgages being the primary company prior to starting new divisions, there always seemed to be a small gap where specific client needs fell through the cracks. There never seemed to be a good solution to small secured loans outside of getting a private mortgage. With years of experience working with private funding solutions as well as providing safe and secure solutions for clients, Michael Yosher was the best person to head up the new division Integrity Tree Financing Solutions Inc. His ability to work with clients and come up with suitable solutions will be beneficial in growing this new division of Integrity Tree.

The Team