Fast funds up to $75,000.

Apply in minutes.

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Access your funds.

Sometimes, we need small amounts of money in a hurry.

And mortgages are just too big and slow. Integrity Tree financial can help with a rapid, secured personal loan for up to $50,000. So what are you waiting for? Apply today.

  • Simple application
  • Fast approval
  • Available for ALL credit types
  • Available for ALL income types
  • No legal fees
  • No appraisal required

Quick funds for a
variety of uses.

Whether it’s to pay off tax arrears or put down a deposit on a new property, a rapid secured loan can help reduce costs in the long run or help you seize a time-sensitive opportunity.

  • Pay off CRA tax arrears
  • Pay off property taxes
  • Secure a new property
  • Make a quick renovations
  • Consolidate your debt
  • Pay off high-interest unsecured debt
  • Pay out a second mortgage
  • Increase your credit score

How it works.

At Integrity Tree Financial, we combine deep financial experience with exceptional, one-on-one customer service to make sure you get the loan that’s right for you.

  • Low payments
  • 20-year amortization period
  • 12 month terms, renewable with consistent payment history
  • No penalties (open term)

If an exception is needed and an appraisal is required, it will be paid for by the lender - in most cases.