Our Services

We know that your financial needs change at each stage of your life’s journey. At Integrity Tree Financial, we’re here to help provide tailor-made solutions at every step.



Whether you’re buying your first home, ready to enjoy a second property, or looking to facilitate a loan, we’ve got you covered. Your priority as a borrower is to ensure that you receive the best rate, and on terms that work for you. Our network of relationships help our clients navigate borrowing with ease, ensuring that they’re getting a loan that meets their needs.

We know that borrowing can be stressful, and that it can be hard to know if you’re getting the best rate, or fair terms. We frequently assist clients at all stages of the mortgage process, from those making their first purchases to those who are self-employed to clients who have bruised credit and are struggling to find the right lender. We also support clients who are looking to refinance or renew, or clients who are looking to take out equity from their home. Let us help navigate your options and provide advice that will help you meet your goals.

Accounting and Tax Advisory

Our tax practice goes well beyond personal and corporate tax preparation. While we assist with both personal and corporate tax preparation and filing, we also take pride in serving as strategic advisors for our clients. Clients come to us with a variety of issues in their personal and professional life for which they’re seeking tax advice about how to place themselves in a more favourable position.

We regularly advise clients on strategies for incorporating a new business, bookkeeping practices, controllership, audit preparation, and advice on general business matters. We also assist with controllership, including financial analysis and forecasting. Our clients trust us to provide common-sense answers that are tailored to their business, and that help them make smart business decisions while staying focused on their bottom line. We work with our clients to formulate strategies that will ensure they meet all their obligations while still maximizing their net income.


Your insurance needs change over time - you won’t need home insurance until you buy your first property, and you may not even know about life insurance at the start of your career. We focus on getting to know our clients, and then making sure that you’re properly protected for your life’s journey. Do you have the right amount of life insurance? Could a critical illness or disability policy be key to protecting your business? Do you have travel insurance set up for that special trip of a lifetime?

Too many Canadians are over-insured, sinking money into policies that they’ll simply never need. We make sure that you have the right insurance for you, and we help you to find rates that won’t make you think twice about protecting what’s most important.


No one wants to be working their whole lives because they simply cannot afford to retire. Investing is scary for many people, but it doesn’t have to be. We work with our investing clients by meeting them at their starting place, and learning more about where they want to go, and where they want to grow. Have no fear if you don’t understand how mutual funds or segregated funds work, or how RSPs are different from GICs or RIFs or LIRAs. We’re here to help explain everything in a way that makes sense to you.

From there, we’ll work with their portfolio to help them make strategic decisions in order to accomplish those goals. Worrying about your money leaves you with too many ‘what ifs’ - let’s put a plan in place to make sure that you’re secure for whatever your future needs may be.