Need fast money for a small home renovation?

Home owners, need to pay off CRA?

Own your home? Want to consolidate credit card debts?

Personal loans

Integrity Tree offers loans to homeowners ranging from

$4,000 to $40,000
Must be a home owner.

How we can help?

Integrity Financial Solutions will provide cash to help you achieve any goal, including:

  • Paying down high interest/credit card debt
  • ​Making an RRSP contribution
  • ​Completing a home renovation
  • ​Taking a vacation
  • ​Planning an upcoming wedding
  • ​​Investing in your business

Why a loan from Integrity Financial Solutions?

  • Simple, single page application form
  • 48 hours from a completed application to cash in your bank account
  • ​Open for partial or full prepayment with no penalty at any time
  • ​Competitive interest rates
  • ​​No legal fees and no appraisal required by homeowner
  • Self-employed borrowers accepted